Securities Recommendations – A Very Selective Process

We at Frazier, Browne and Mayer, LLC (the provider of Investors Monitor) provide research on a select group of stocks, ETFs and ETNs that we expect to generate substantial returns during a relatively short period of time.

Our securities recommendations include stocks and ETFs/ETNs that we expect to rise sharply within a period of 1-18 months and stocks, ETFs and ETNs that we expect to decline substantially within that same period. We also provide research and articles on securities that we would advise investors and stock market speculators to avoid.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike many stock market pundits, investment advisors, and other persons that provide research and articles on individual securities, we at Frazier, Browne and Mayer, LLC will NEVER tell you that a security “could go up” or that it “might be” a big winner.

Instead, we’ll tell you exactly what we expect to happen … with a lot of research and analysis to back it up.

And, if you subscribe to one or more of our investment journals, we’ll also give you specific instructions regarding the prices at which we recommend buying or selling any given security.

In contrast, many investment professionals and investment publications – the one’s that over-promise and under-deliver – tend to promote their investment and trading records by showing you only their big winners.

Look closely – do they show you their overall performance? Look again. What’s missing? That’s the key – it’s not what they show you … it’s what they don’t show you!

And, often times you won’t even profit from those persons’ so-called “winners” because many investment professionals – so-called “experts” and “gurus” – never make any actual investment and trading recommendations. Instead, they’ll only tell you that a given security could go up.

Then, when one of their so-called recommendations does appreciate, they’ll show you the returns that you could have realized … from buying the security when they first mentioned it and selling the security at the highest price to which it rose over some hypothetical period. Rarely, will those “experts” show you their actual investment performance records.

In contrast, we at Frazier, Browne and Mayer, LLC provide a complete and 100% documented record of ALL of our actual winners and losers, using the difference between the prices at we recommended for our clients and subscribers to buy and sell, or to sell short and cover short positions, in any given security to compute our real performance results.

Click here for a detailed description of our securities selection process.