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Frazier’s Strategic Allocator is a monthly investment journal that helps individual investors to avoid the big downturns, profit from the upturns and invest in the right stocks, ETFs and ETNs at the right time.

In every edition of Frazier’s Strategic Allocator, we provide recommendations on three model portfolios: A Growth and Income Portfolio, a Fixed-Income Portfolio and a Speculative Portfolio.

Persons who subscribe to Frazier’s Strategic Allocator also receive the following:

  • Trade Alerts on recommended stocks, ETFs and ETNs, with specific times and prices at which we recommend buying and selling any given security.
  • Our Daily Stock Market Forecast, which we send to our subscribers via email every morning before the U.S. stock market opens for trading
  • Our Weekly Investment Commentary, which provides a weekly review and analysis of significant economic and financial market developments around the globe.
  • Access to all of our Market Indicator Charts and related data.
  • Access to our Quarterly Earnings Tables.
  • Our Quarterly Internet Show The Frazier’s Market Insights.

We are confident that by subscribing to Frazier’s Strategic Allocator you will avoid the big downturns and profit from the major upturns in the financial markets.

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