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01/11/15: Stocks Move Modestly Lower on Mixed Economic Data, Likely to Stabilize by the end of the Coming Week
01/05/15: Ignore the Recent Stock Market Downturn, Stocks Are Headed Higher
12/21/15: U.S. Stocks Rebound Sharply In Spite of Mixed Economic Data; Stocks to Continue to Move Higher During the Week Ahead
12/15/14: U.S. Economic Indicators Remain Mixed While Japan and China Show Signs of Further Deterioration
12/03/14: Stocks Continue to Show Signs of Topping
1/18/14: Stocks Continue to Trade in Overbought Territory
11/09/14: Stocks Due for a Substantial Pullback
11/03/14: Ignore the Recent Rally in Stocks, Near-term Outlook Remains Negative
10/28/14: Stocks Move Higher on Light Trading Volume; Stay Primarily in Cash
10/20/14: Stocks Rebound from Oversold Levels; Longer-term Outlook is Still Unfavorable
10/13/14: Stocks Continue to Move Lower on Slowing Economic Growth; Stay Primarily in Cash
10/05/14:Stocks Surge on September Employment Report; Stock Market Indicators Remain Negative
09/28/14: Economic Indicators Improve; Outlook for Stocks Also Improving
09/21/14: Our Indicators Suggest Stocks Due for a Substantial Pullback
09/14/14: Economic Statistics Continue to Point to a Slowdown
09/08/14: Employment Situation Worsens; Stay Primarily in Cash
08/31/14: Stocks Due for a Pullback
08/26/14: Near-term Outlook is Blurry due to Conflicting Economic Data
08/17/14: Don’t Get Excited About the Recent Rebound in Stocks; Near-term Outlook is Still Negative
08/11/14: Market Indicators Remain Negative
07/27/14:Latest U.S. Economic Indicators Mostly Positive, but Our Investment Models Flash Some Warning Signals
07/20/14: Long-term Outlook Remains Positive, Short-term Outlook is Somewhat Mixed
07/13/14: Stocks Poised to Move Higher after Pulling Back Modestly
07/06/14: Economic Outlook Improves Further, Stocks Headed Higher
06/29/14: Outlook Remains Positive; Continue to Hold All of Our Recommended Securities
06/22/14: Economic Outlook Continues to Improve, Stocks Headed Higher
06/15/14: Recent Pullback Nearing an End, Stocks Poised to Move Higher
06/06/14: Economic Indicators Suggest Stocks in Most Regions of the World will Continue to Trend Higher
06/01/14:Recent Trading Action Suggests Stocks Due for a Pullback
05/25/14: Stock Market Trading Action and Economic Indicators Suggest Stocks Will continue to Rise
05/18/14: Economic Outlook Continues to Improve
05/11/14: Near-term Outlook Remains Positive
05/04/14: Economic Indicators Continue to Improve, but U.S. and European Stocks Overbought on a Short-term Basis
04/13/14: Stock Market Indicators Suggest Stocks Will Rebound During the Week Ahead
04/07/14: Ignore the Big Drop in Story Stocks, Positive Outlook Remains Intact
03/30/13: Stocks Poised to Move Higher
03/23/14: Short-term Trading Indicators Suggest Stocks Will Trade Sideways Over the Week Ahead
03/16/14: Russia’s Invasion of Crimea, and China’s Economic Slowdown, to Create Buying Opportunities
03/09/14: Outlook for Stocks Remains Positive in Spite of Geopolitical Tensions
03/02/14: Stocks Due for a Temporary Pullback
02/23/14:Stocks Headed Higher
02/16/14: Stocks Continue to Rebound on Yellen Testimony
02/09/14: Stocks Rebound, Outlook Remains Positive
02/02/14: Stocks Appear to be Oversold and Due for a Rebound
01/27/14: Stock Market Pullback Creates Buying Opportunities
01/19/14: Financial Market Indicators Suggest Stocks Will Continue to Trend Higher
01/12/14: Technical Indicators Suggest Near-term Pullback in Stocks
01/05/14: Economic Indicators Suggest Stocks will Continue to Trend Higher
12/29/13: Overbought-Oversold Indicator Suggests Stocks are Due for a Temporary Pullback
12/22/13:Frazier’s Buy Sell Index Turns Positive, Stocks Headed Higher
12/17/13: Ignore Monday’s Modest Rebound, Outlook is Still Very Uncertain
12/08/13: November Employment Encouraging, but Other Economic Indicators Remain Negative
12/01/13:Stocks Continue to Rise in Spite of Signs of an Impending Economic Slowdown: Gold Moves Lower
11/24/13:Economic Indicators Worsen Further, Yet Stocks Continue to Move Higher
11/17/13:U.S. Stocks Continue to Move Higher, as Janet Yellen Say’s She’ll Maintain the Fed’s Aggressive Monetary Policy
11/10/13:Employment Report Not Nearly As Positive as the Headline Suggests; Stay in Cash and Inverse-Equity ETFS
11/03/13:Economic Indicators Continue to Worsen; Stocks in Danger of Dropping Sharply
10/27/13:Economic Indicators Worsen Further; Substantial Stock Market Pullback Seems Imminent
10/20/13:So-called “Leaders” Kick the Can Again
10/06/13:Media’s Focus on the U.S. Budget Impasse Causes Uncertainty; Economic Indicators Continue to Flash Warning Signals
09/29/13:News of More Quantiative Easing Fails to Stimulate Investors
09/21/13:So Much for Tapering, Fed Acknowledges that the Outlook for the Economy Remains Weak
09/15/13:Economic Indicators Remain Mixed; Stay Primarily in Cash
09/08/13:Economic Indicators Somewhat Mixed; Stocks Likely to Trade Sideways During the Weeks Ahead
09/02/13:U.S. Stock Market Indicators Remain Bearish; Europe and Emerging Market Indicators Turn Positive
08/25/13:Stocks Rebound from Oversold Levels
08/18/13:Stocks Are Headed Lower; Stay Primarily in Cash
08/11/13:Stocks in Danger of Pulling Back Sharply
08/04/13:Dow Industrials, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 Rally to All-time Highs
07/28/13:Stocks and Gold Poised for a Pullback
07/21/13:Stocks and Gold Continue to Rebound on Expectations of More Quantitative Easing
07/14/13:Stocks Rally on Bernanke’s Comments
06/23/13:Stocks Drop on False Pretenses
06/16/13:Market Indicators Point to Near-term Resumption of Recent Pullback
05/19/13:Stocks Remain in Overbought Territory
05/12/13:Stocks in Overbought Territory, Due for a Substantial Pullback
05/03/13:Buy-Sell Index in Negative Territory; Stocks Due for a Pullback
04/28/13:Economic Indicators Turning More Negative: It’s Time to Focus on Capital Preservation
04/21/13:Economic Indicators Point to Slower Growth; Stocks in Danger of Breaking below Support
04/14/13:Gold Plummets, as Inflation and Geopolitical Fears Dissipate
04/07/13:Last Week’s Pullback Likely to Continue during the Week Ahead
03/24/13:Stocks Headed Higher; Continue to Hold All of My Recommended Securities
03/17/13:Market Indicators Suggest Modest Pullback during the Week Ahead; Longer-term Outlook Remains Positive
03/11/13:Employment Situation Improves Substantially; Dow Industrials and Russell 2000 Break Out to New All-time High
03/04/13:Economic Outlook Continues to Improve; Stocks Poised to Move Higher
02/24/13:Stocks Finally Pull Back; Longer-term Outlook Remains Positive
02/17/13:High Relative-Price-Strength Stocks Fail to Move Higher; Likelihood of a Pullback Increases
02/10/13:It’s Too Early to Get Aggressive, as Stocks Are Trading in Overbought Territory
02/02/13:Latest Economic Statistics Indicate Stocks Will Continue to Trend Higher
01/06/13″Stocks Appear to be Trading at Substantial Overbought Levels

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