What Makes Us Different?

The short answer to that question is … “Insight without the Hype!”

Through our investment journals and Internet web site, we strive to provide our clients and web site visitors with everything that they need to know, but nothing more, regarding factors and developments that are likely to impact the value of their financial portfolios.

Our goal is to help investment advisors, money managers and individual investors to maximize their profits, limit their risks, and use their time efficiently.

A few attributes that differentiates us from many investment research firms include the following:

    • Thorough Research and Analysis: Unlike many investment research firms who tend to use only one technique to analyze developments in the worldwide financial markets, we use several methods and models to analyze factors and developments that are likely to impact the future direction of stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals, and real estate. For example, we utilize our proprietary economic and valuation models to forecast the intermediate-term (3-18 months) direction of the aforementioned asset classes, and we analyze the relative price-performance of the 10 major economic sectors, and approximately 140 industries that compose those sectors, on a weekly basis to forecast the short- to intermediate-term (1-6 weeks) direction of those equity securities. Additionally, we review and analyze, on a daily basis, financial market trading (“technical”) indicators to forecast the very near-term (1-2 weeks) direction of stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals and real estate investment trusts (“REITs”).
    • A Focus on the Facts: We always focus on the facts instead of reviewing and discussing irrelevant factors that tend to have little, if any, impact on the direction of the financial markets. And, rather than telling our clients and web site visitors some emotional-based story about what “could” happen, we always say exactly what we expect to happen during any given environment.
    • A Sincere Desire and Diligent Effort to Meet and Exceed the Interests and Goals of Our Clients: We always place the interests of our clients above our personal financial goals.

We refer to those differentiating features as TRAFFIC:

Thorough Research and Analysis with a Focus on the Facts and the Interests of our Clients

By adhering to the principles exemplified by the above acronym, we’re confident that we will be able to continue to provide our clients and web site visitors with an increasing array of informative and enriching products and services.

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