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Stocks in the Process of Peaking

November 5, 2019: (12:30 am U.S. Eastern Time): Although the S&P 500 Index broke out to a new all-time high on October 28, our research indicates that stocks around the globe are in the process of peaking and will soon pull back substantially in response to a continuation of the recent slowing in the pace of economic growth in the world's major economies. Therefore, we're advising persons who subscribe to our financial market research and advisory journals to continue to allocate a large portion of their financial market assets to ETFs structured to move in the opposite direction of certain stock market indices.

Headline News

November 1-4, 2019

  • U.S. factory orders declined during September, the latest month for which data are available, for second consecutive month and by biggest year-over-yeaer degree since July 2019
  • U.S. employers hired fewest number of employees during October (128,000) since May 2019
  • Eurozone and Japan manufacturing activity continued to decline during October

Significant Developments

U.S. Economic Developments

U.S. Political Developments

Earnings Announcements

International Economic Developments

International Political Developments

President Trump Plans to Place Additional Sanctions on Iran

09/18/19: President Trump announced today in a tweet that he plans to increase sanctions on Iran, writing “I have just instructed the Secretary of the Treasury to substantially increase Sanctions on the country of Iran!" The President told reporters that he expects...

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Company and Stock News

Stock of Week

Mimecast Limited (MIME)

Mimecast Limited (MIME) is a global provider of cloud-based cyber-attack protection applications for business email, which is the number-one threat to businesses regarding their computer-based data. The company's customers include Barracuda Networks, Alphabet, Microsoft and Symantec Corporation. According to Mimecast’s management, none of the company’s competitors offer the fully-unified and integrated email protection application that it provides.

Composite Fundamental Rating Product Sales & EPS Growth (Qtrly) Profit Margins Financial Liquidity Long-term Debt Institution Buys to Sells
B- A A+ C B- C C

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Investors Monitor 20

Company NameTickerIndustryComposite RatingInvestors Monitor Grade
ProductSales & EPS GrowthProfit MarginsFinancial LiquidityLong-term DebtInstitution Buys to Sells
Alarm.Com HoldingsALRMHome SecurityB-ABCA+CB
Applied OptoelectronicsAAOIFiber OpticsA-A+A+B+A+A+B+
Arista NetworksANETNetwork AppsA+AA+AA+A+A
Control4 CorporationCTRLHome DevicesB-ACCA+A+A
Floor & Décor HoldingsFNDHome FlooringB-AA+CB-C-B+
General ElectricGEConglomerateBAC+B-A+CA
GrubHubGRUBMobile OrdersB+A+AB+A+BC
Malibu BoatsMBUUBoat Mfg.C+ACB-B-C-D
Masimo CorpMASIMedical DevicesA-ABAA+A+B
Micron Technology MUSemiconductorsA-A+AA+A+A+D
Momo Inc. MOMOSocial MediaA+AA+A+A+A+D
Ollie's Bargain Outlet OLLIDiscount StoresB+B+AB+A+AC+
Qualys QLYSInternet SecurityA-AAB+A+A+C
SolarEdge TechnologiesSEDGSolar PanelsA+AAAA+AA
The Trade DeskTTDAdvertisingB+AAC+A+A+B
WalmartWMTRetail StoresB-A+C+CC+A-C+
Weibo CorporationWBSocial MediaA+AA+A-A+A+A
Winnebago IndustriesWGORV Mfg.C-ACCC+DC

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